Well, we’re not really ready just yet.  But, when April 24th rolls around, we will be.

Work isn’t the only place where we’re a team.

This is the 10th consecutive year for the Signs ‘n Such team at the Ability Bowl.  Each year our team of five, complete with our loving fans (okay…friends and family, but I still know that deep down inside they secretly are our #1 Fans), arrive at Frontier Bowling Lanes and bowl incredibly high scores, with multiple strikes in a row, setting all kinds of records…  Whoa!, okay, I was getting a little carried away there.  Actually, it’s a good thing we know how to fund raise, because for the most part, our bowling is quite pathetic, with the exception of our fearless captain, Dorothy.  She’s the “pro” on the team, and would set all kinds of records if it weren’t for those annoying corner pins!

We’re not just another pretty face…

No sir, we’re darn good at getting dressed up in costume too.  Two years ago the theme was “The Eighties”.  With the help of the team (and “Marvin”, our CNC router), led by Graham, we made Rubik’s Cube hats, and wore them while we bowled.  They looked awesome, and gave us a great excuse for bowling poorly!  A “such” in its truest form.  The next year we went as “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Arrr Billy!

Why do we do it?  Because we can!

Our team is committed to this event.  All of the money raised is kept right here in Swift Current to help fund the local branch of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.  It’s not hard to raise money for such a good cause.  Besides that, we have lots of fun doing it!  Please feel free to stop in and give us your pledge.

As with many non-profit organizations across the province it is essential that good partnerships are developed to ensure that quality programs can be offered.  The partnership that exists between the Saskatchewan Abilities Council and Signs ‘n Such is a good example of a partnership, that in this instance, benefits individuals with disabilities.  Signs ‘n Such has been participating in the annual fundraiser for the Saskatchewan Abilities Council, Ability Bowl, for 9 years, and is committed to fundraising in 2010 as well.  Signs ‘n Such brings a lot of enthusiasm to the event and is always one of the top fundraising teams.  In the previous 9 years, Signs ‘n Such has raised $25,000 to support individuals with varying abilities in the City of Swift Current.  Thank you for your partnership!
Jason Loewer
Regional Director, Swift Current Branch
Saskatchewan Abilities Council


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