The other evening I started reminiscing about the last 25 years of  Signs ‘n Such.  I decided to grab my camera and go downtown to take some pictures.  Although I didn’t snap a photo of every sign we have made, I was amazed that it took me over an hour just to cover a few blocks.  The memories came flooding back.  I found myself thinking things like “Oh ya, I forgot we did that one”, and “Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many (signs)”.

One of our very first customers was “BJ’s Hair Shoppe”.  Although their original sign is no longer, the lettering that we put on their front window is still very much alive and well!

Window Lettering - BJ's Hair Shoppe, Swift Current, SK

When I saw Pick-A-Deli’s sign, I realized that they had been a customer since very early in my sign career days.  In fact, we even designed “Pickle Pete”.

Logo Design & Awning - Pick-a-Deli, Swift Current, SK

One of our very first routered signs was that of the SPCA Bookstore.

Routered Sign - SPCA Book Store, Swift Current, SK

This is a favourite, I think, because I’m an animal lover.  Actually, all of us at Signs ‘n Such have animals in our lives.  Some of us maybe a bit more than others… but, that’s another story.

My tour eventually led me to the Credit Union.  Now, there’s a customer that goes way back.  I mean, right back to “Pioneer Credit Union and Western Savings & Credit Union” days.  Then came the amalgamation to “Southwest Credit Union”, and once again to “Innovation Credit Union”. All of these name and location changes kept us quite busy!  We did everything from supplying all of the backlit signs on their new building, to brass plaques, and lettering on doors and granite.

Brass Plaque - City Hall , Swift Current, SK

Window Lettering - Innovation Credit Union, Swift Current, SK Monument Sign - Innovation Credit Union, Swift Current, SK

A glance across the street from the Credit Union reminded me of the brass lettering job we did for the new City Hall.  Over the years, the City of Swift Current has been a very loyal customer, not only City Hall, but City Light and Power, Parks & Rec., the Ag & Ex Association, the Fire Department, and the City Service Centre.

Brass Lettering - City of Swift Current, SK Window Lettering - City of Swift Current, SK

Sign - Fire Dept, Swift Current, SK Window Graphics - Fire Dept, Swift Current, SK

I’ve seen many changes in the business community over the past 25 years.  One of those changes was watching our local Community College develop from “Cypress Hills Community College”, to “Cypress Hills Regional College”, and more recently “Great Plains College”.  I am proud that we, at Signs ‘n Such, played a part in these changes.

Backlit Sign - Great Plains College, Swift Current, SK Parking Sign - Great Plains College, Swift Current, SK

Signs ‘n Such has seen many changes too, over the past quarter century.  Our CNC router (affectionately called “Marvin”) has enabled us to do dimensional work, and special shapes.  Here’s just a few examples:

Sign - Curves , Swift Current, SK Dimensional Sign - Rejuvenate Day Spa , Swift Current, SK

Routered Sign - Rittinger's , Swift Current, SK Dimensional Sign - Stevenson Accounting , Swift Current, SK

Dimensional Letters - R.W. Hope , Swift Current, SK Channel Letters - Woods Jewellers , Swift Current, SK

So, over the years, we have pretty much done it all.  Backlit signs, window lettering, banners, awnings, channel LED letters… I could go on and on!

Illuminated Sign - Hazey's , Swift Current, SK Awning - Optical Image , Swift Current, SK

Electrical Sign - Mercator Financial , Swift Current, SK L.E.D. Channel Letters - Slice Athletic Wear , Swift Current, SK

Well, that’s a taste of my downtown tour.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me.  Deanne

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  1. That was awesome Auntie! I can’t believe (actually I can) how many signs your company has created!

  2. Hi Deanne,
    What an awesome journey down Memory Lane!!! I think of the many projects where you worked with us to come up with something unique and innovative. Remember the sign behind the tellers at the now City Hall building? How about the floor footstep decals at the Wheatland Mall when we changed branch locations?
    Thanks for all the excellent work you have done for credit unions over your 25 years.
    Pat Friesen
    Innovation Credit Union

  3. Thanks Heather! Yes, the memories came flooding back. In most ways it sure doesn’t seem like 25 years has passed.

  4. Thanks Pat! I must say that some of the projects we have done for you have been a bit “challenging”. That’s what has kept this career so interesting over the past 25 years. Thank you for all of the projects, the work, the challenges, and the confidence you have placed in Signs ‘n Such. Check out the rest of our website, and mark September 16th on your calendar. Our “Open House of Fun” promises to be an event that is “out of the ordinary”, to say the least. Deanne

  5. Wow so many signs over the years! I always have enjoyed working with you Graham and the rest of the team. The project I remember most are the footsteps on the floor at SW Credit Union. Fun to put on…not so fun to take off! You always have great ideas, advice and new techniques for signs and that has been greatly appreciated. I didn’t realize you created Pickle Pete!

    Leah Bragg
    Living Sky Casino

  6. Thanks Leah! I was a bit sad to see you leave the Credit Union because we did work so well together on projects. I guess things have a way of working out. Now I still get to work with you on some, needless to say “interesting” projects! Deanne

  7. Wow! Loved the trip down Memory Lane. It got me thinking about how many times (and sometimes with little lead time) I’ve called you (Deanne & crew) to create signage for a project or event. Have always appreciated the creativity, and the enthusiasm that everyone at Signs ‘n Such exhibits!

  8. Thanks Betty! I guess we go back quite a few years. It’s always been a pleasure to work with you on various sign projects. Stay tuned for details about our Open House, and mark September 16th on your calendar! Deanne

  9. As a sign man myself, let me say, the community of Swift Current is fortunate to have a sign company that has quality people and does quality work.

  10. Much appreciated Duncan. We’re looking forward to many more years of providing quality signs, and “suches”, to our community.

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