It’s about time!

Just before our “Open House of Fun”, in honour of our 25th Anniversary, we actually installed our new monument sign.  I know… it’s about time!  Well, as the sayings go, the plumber’s house always has the leaky faucet, the shoemaker’s kids always need new shoes, and the accountant’s wife is the last person to get her income tax return filed (right Andrea?).  Well, it took us long enough to make our new sign,  but, the wait was worthwhile!Signs 'n Such monument sign Swift Current SK The design was finalized by a meeting of the minds, and what great minds we have.  We discussed size, shape, and even colour.  The background colour was of major consideration.  It came down to a choice of two colours – “blind date” or “meet for drinks”.  Guess which one we chose?? But wait, we’re not finished yet.  The sign panels are just temporary. We have plans;  plans that will enable us to show off even more of our products and talent.  When we get to it, hopefully sooner than later, the oval panels will be done on our CNC router, to give them a 3-D look.  The rope border will be raised, and gilded with 24K gold leaf; the logo will be raised and hand-painted; the background of the oval will be filled with an exciting product called “smalts”.  The concrete base will be covered with simulated river rocks.  So, if you think our new sign looks great now, just wait, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!

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  1. Wow, that sign sounds amazing Auntie! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

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