NEW! Put The Wind in Your Sales with Feather Flags

Whether a Canadian flag, a provincial flag, a Roughriders flag, or a feather flag… The combination of colour and motion means flags get noticed. Throw in a unique shape, and place in full view – and you’ve got a high impact new media – Feather Flags – for promoting sales, events and more.

Introducing Feather Flags

These colourful 9.5′ high flags are unique in that the fibreglass pole simply sits in the ground sleeve or ground stand, and turns with the wind.  The flag is fastened to an adapter in the pole, not in the stand itself – making installation convenient, quick, and hassle free. Simply drop the pole into the top of the mounting system.

Putting this stand on your sidewalk?  No problem.  The ground stand can be weighted down with a sand bag, making it very sturdy.  Going into the ground or lawn?  The invisible ground sleeve pounds into the ground, and can easily be removed and relocated using the provided extractor tee.

Want something a little taller?  Just add the 2’extension pole.

A feather flag… it’s quick and easy.  Let us design one for you today.  Contact us

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  1. We recently purchased two feather flags from Signs n’ Such and put them out in front of our building. They are fantastic!! Everybody noticed them right away and we have had alot more inquiries towards our council and Ability Bowl. Thanks everybody for there hard work getting these made up so fast for us!!

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