Meet the Simpsons!

Well, actually, it’s the Signs ‘n Such Simpsons!

Ability Bowl 2012 When we’re not busy making signs (and suches) we are out raising money for the Swift Current Branch of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.

Raise money we did!  For this year’s Ability Bowl the Signs ‘n Such team (a.k.a The Simpsons) raised over $9200.

We are proud, and humbled, to be part of such a worthy cause.  Not only did we raise a bunch of money, but we also had a lot of fun… D’oh!

So from Krusty the Klown, Maggie, Bart, Homer and Marge, thanks to all of you who donated to our team, and an even bigger thanks to the good folks at the Sask Abilities Council.  Great job!


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  1. Thank you so much for supporting us again this year! It has been a pleasure having you guys in Ability Bowl year after year. You are like family to us. Thank you again for the great support every year!

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