Saskatchewan Heritage

Many Saskatchewan communities will be celebrating their centennials within the next few years.

There will be lots of planning, lots of fundraising, lots of work, and countless numbers of volunteers.

The Saskatchewan Government, through Heritage Grants, along with other levels of government, businesses, and many other organizations and individuals, are also available to help your committee organize your celebrations.

Swift Current, and many other communities in southwest Saskatchewan, are a part of this exciting centennial.

Your friends at Signs ‘n Such want to be a part of this history too!   We’d love the chance to sit down with you and chat about how we can participate, and help.

Banners, Community Entrance signs, display signs, information signs, directional signs…  Logo designs, decals, routered signs, laser engraved awards, laser engraved glassware, laser engraved just about anything…  Hey, I’m just getting started!

No, seriously, I’m just getting started!  We recently welcomed “Helix”, our laser engraver, to the team.  Now we are ready to make signs, and “suches” galore!. Our many laser engraved products are bound to be major players in our newly formed, and ever expanding, “Centennial Club“.

Check back often to see what this team’s next mission will be!




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