Neville, Sask… a prairie grain elevator and a centennial.

It was a beautiful summer evening, as I was traveling near Neville.

The building glistened in the early evening sunshine.  I snapped this photo because, it brought to mind the Signs ‘ Such Centennial Club.

Not only was there a prairie grain elevator right in front of me, but, Neville is one of the communities celebrating their Centennial.  According to Tourism Saskatchewan’s website, the big celebration day is July 21st, 2012.

Although this elevator, like most on the prairies, is not being used anymore, what memories I’m sure it holds.

If your community is celebrating their Centennial, please join our Centennial Club.  Membership is free, but remember, it’s only valid for the next 100 years!



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  1. Great gallery. Grain elevators are a vanishing prairie giant. You have captured them nicely. I hope the old ones can be saved and maintained as they are an essential icon of Canadian history and growth in the vast prairie. k

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