Ability Bowl 25… a “striking” success!

Okay, so here’s the scoop on our Ability Bowl team.

All together we had over 300 people, or businesses, donate to this fabulous cause. We wore our costumes; we bowled (well I didn’t, and that’s a story for another day… thanks Don for bowling for me); went for a drink and superb appetizers, mixed in with a few laughs, at Uncle Bob’s Creekside Bar and Grill; we went to the supper, ate (again); laughed some more; we accepted some awards; we presented some. It was all good. Thanks to those who donated; to Rhonda and Ken for the last minute commitment to help put us over our milestone fundraising level; to “Uncle Bob”; and, of course, to our friends at the Swift Current Branch of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council. A job well done!

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