Can you read a pamphlet in the blink of an eye?

Of course not!

Sometimes a blink of an eye, is all a passing by motorist has, to read your sign.

The same can be said for prospective customers going by, or entering your store.  Most consumers don’t want to take the time to stand and read a lot about your products and services.  They want to come in, see something that catches their eye, and make a buying decision.

So whether it’s your main business sign, or secondary exterior signs, billboards; interior signs such as product information displays, opening hours, EXIT and other directional signs; or a portable rental sign, keep it readable.

I bet you thought I was going to say “keep it simple”, didn’t you?  Believe me, there’s a big difference between readable and simple. Come talk to us, as we have an eye for this sort of thing.  It’s what we do!   The easiest way to find out what I mean is to  “See us before you sign”, … now that’s simple!




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