Over the past (almost) 30 years we have had a couple of different mascots.

big harry webFirst there was “Big Harry” (don’t ask).  But, with industry changes, sign painting became less and less.

Then, with the advances in digital technology, came “Howie the Hippo”.  If  Howie misbehaved, he quickly became “HOWARD”. howie web

Now we are very excited to introduce to you, the Signs ‘n Such “Jester”.jester mascot

The first official day of Signs ‘n Such was April 1st, 1985… No Foolin’. With our 30th Anniversary coming up, we decided it was time to get a new mascot.  Somehow this colorful little character seemed to do quite nicely.  “Jester”  fits quite well into our work atmosphere.  He somehow reminds me of our creative abilities… colourful and eye-catching.  “Jester” rhymes with “Chester”, who is one of my cats.  Chester is quite the character too!

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