Ordering business cards can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be!

Have you ever gone on a website that advertises business cards for a very low price?

They make it appear so simple.  Just click on the link, pick your product,; then a template; add your logo (don’t forget, the file must be in a specific format, with fonts converted to curves, and CMYK colours); then add any other text; don’t forget to change the colour of the text to what you want, and perhaps the type style too; pick your quantity; add in some options (two-sided; rounded corners; glossy; satin…); calculate the shipping; and then, finally, check out to place your order (whew)!  Don’t forget too, that on some sites, you will be paying in U.S. dollars… ouch!confused-businessman_23-2147504388

This process doesn’t have to be so confusing!

Just simply let us do the work.  We offer very competitive pricing and top quality products that, not only makes ordering appear simple, but is simple!

You can contact us through our website, or stop by.  Even a good old fashioned phone  call can be a simple, yet effective way of placing your order.  As always, we will give you a quote before proceeding.


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