Who was Bev. Pratt?

Bev. was an original co-founder of Signs ‘n Such, almost 31 years ago.

Before I begin my story let me say that putting a period after the name Bev., is not a typo.  Bev. was of the belief that Bev is an abbreviation of Beverley, so when you abbreviate something you should put a period at the end of it… Bev.

Pratt-Bev-Pic-edit-199x300It is with great sadness that I tell you that on February 16th. Bev. lost a very long battle with cancer.  She was my friend long before she was my business partner.  After she left the business we remained friends.  In my heart she will be my friend forever.

There’s so much more to Bev.’s story that just sign work.  Together we curled, sometimes with each other, sometimes against one another.  Together we played fastball, sometimes with each other, sometimes against one another. Together we had fun.

Here’s the link to her obituary.  This really does answer the question “Who was Bev. Pratt?”.

Even though Bev. had not been involved in the business for many years, we all considered her a member of the Signs ‘n Such Family.  

So, from our family to hers, we wish to express our very sincere condolences, especially to her husband (also a friend for life), Jim.



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