“The customer is always right”… or are they?

By definition, the meaning of this well known quote is:

“The trading policy that states a company’s keenness to be seen to put the customer first.”

In the USA it is particularly associated with Marshall Field’s department store, Chicago (established in the late 19th century).  In the UK, Harry Gordon Selfridge (1857-1947) the founder of London’s Selfridge’s store (opened in 1909), is credited with championing its use.

That’s where we come in!  Our designers have about 90 years of combined experience.  We know how to design, and we keep up with the latest trends and technologies.  We use a simple design when a simple design is needed; we make a classy design when classy is the required look.  We know colour, and we understand how colour works.  We know our products, and which ones will work best for your project.

Whether you are right or wrong, bring your ideas to us.  We will make sure that they end up right for you!


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