What are Gemini letters?

 I’ve seen a few other sign companies that say that they offer Gemini letters.

What exactly does that mean?  “Gemini” isn’t actually a letter, but rather the name of a company that makes letters.  Letters of all kinds; all kinds of materials; all kinds of sizes; all kinds of colours… you get the idea!

As an authorized reseller of Gemini products, we can offer you superior quality with a lifetime guarantee.  screenhunter_608-oct-11-16-33

Highest Quality and Lifetime Guarantee

Low price does not mean low quality. Gemini Letters offers the highest quality products and a lifetime guarantee. No matter whether your letters and logos happen to chip, crack, or fade—Gemini will replace the product at no charge. Gemini is able to offer this warranty because we work with premium materials, use the best coatings and finishes available, and provide mounting hardware that will keep your installation secure.

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If you’re wondering about getting Gemini letters, come see us.  Whether it’s formed plastic, solid brass, cast metal plaques, brushed stainless steel, flat acrylic, or back-lit channel letters, we can help.  We know our products.  We know Gemini’s products. There’s so much more to these than just referring to them as “Gemini letters”.

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