We’re here to help you get noticed, make a great impression, and get your message across – all in about as much time it takes to say “See us before you sign!”

Whatever your company has to offer, we’re here to help you attract more business, sell more – and look great doing it. That’s the power of well designed signage.

clydeWhatever your marketing objectives, we’re here to help.

Want more traffic through your store? Done. More eyes on your website, more phone calls? Done …and done. Have seats to fill? Then we’re here to put more bums in them (Yes, we said “bums”… twice).

We can even help you manage a better customer experience – ask us how!

At risk of stating the obvious, you’ll find a selection of products and services over there, to the right, in the sidebar. If the company name didn’t give it away, you will soon discover that signs aren’t quite the only thing we do.  In fact, as much as we love making signs (and we really do love making signs) – what we really, really love… is helping our customers get results (and look great doing it)!

As you browse, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please mail your questions, along with a self addressed, postage-paid envelope to (Just kidding!)… By all means, please do call us at (306) 773-8800, or email us with details or questions about your upcoming project. You’re always welcome to drop by for a tour and introductions. Visit our contact page for details.


Your corporate identity, your on-site signage, your fleet advertising – each are among the most valuable assets in your company’s marketing mix.  They’re investments that can’t be taken too lightly, and we want to thank you for considering Signs ‘N Such for your project. Thanks for your time and interest – and remember to “See us before you sign!”.