Classic, Hand-Crafted Signs

Call it sign voodoo. Or mojo. Or magic.  Or something.

Signs communicate on many levels – often subliminally.  Nothing says “old fashioned value” or “founded long ago” better than a carved, painted – or even gilded sign.  If you want to say it without saying it (if you know what we mean…wink-wink), then Signs ‘n Such can give you an image as enduring and wholesome as apple pie.  It all comes down to designing to meet your needs. Every detail from choice of materials, to letterstyles, to finishing touches will contribute to the overall effect.

Gold leafed dimensional sign

Caveat: We took a solemn oath not to use our subliminal advertising design mojo for evil. And anyway, the effects only last for as long as your product/service fits with the image we create.

We would love the opportunity to work our magic for your “old fashioned” business. Conjure us.