The “Suches”

Given the right opportunity, we can be pretty darned creative on your behalf.

It’s what makes us tick. We have the imagination, the production capabilities, and the shear stubborned determination to pull off the craziest concepts for making your business visibly remarkable… for making you stand out in the crowd, get noticed and be remembered.

Let your own imagination run a little wild, if only for a minute or two….

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in… but let’s say you sell bananas. Not your run-of-the-mill bananas, mind you – but bananas for banana lovers. Your problem is that people can buy bananas at any grocery store, and probably for less money.

Enter the forty-foot, glowing banana.

It’s not a sign, per se – which is why we call it a “such” – but it becomes part of your company’s visual identity. People can’t help but notice it… even from the highway, even at night! After all, it’s not everyday you see a forty foot, glowing banana. Curiousity peaked, they turn in for a closer look. Your signs say “FREE. Try a real banana, and you’ll never settle for less again”. They walk out of your store (chewing, grinning) with a big bunch of the best darned bananas anyone ever tasted.

“Here, try one of these bananas.”

Your new customer shares their discovery with friends and colleagues. “Wow! That’s a fantastic banana – the best I ever ate”, their friends say. “Where did you find them?. Still grinning, your customer says, “Just head into Swift Current – and look for the forty-foot, glowing banana. You can’t miss it.”

It’s not just about landmarks.

You want a matching forty-foot, glowing banana to ride during the Frontier Day parade? Consider it done. You want oversized, glowing banana shaped pens to write orders with in your banana store? Done. You want big banana suits for your team to to wear at the Ability Bowl charity tournament? Done. You get the idea.

“OK… but I’m not in the banana business.”

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, really. If you’re brave (or crazy, or playful, or curious) enough to ask questions like “Wouldn’t it be awesome if…?”, then you’re our kind of people… and we should talk!

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