Pole & Pylon Signs


Customers and prospective customers drive by your business frequently – throughout the course of going about their busy lives (to and from work, running the kids to daycare, running errands, etc).  A well designed signage program provides a fantastic, cost-effective way to reach them regularly… to announce new promotions, or simply remind them that you’re there when they need you.


If your storefront (and primary signage) runs parallel to their path, it’s practically invisible to drivers –  because it’s not inside their “cone of vision” (not present in their field of vision, as they look forward).

Short of throwing yourself into traffic (not recommended), or roadside nudity (illegal in most jurisdictions)…

The best way to get a driver’s attention is to place a sign that is perpendicular to the roadway; as close to the street as you can get it, while still respecting local bylaws.

  • Make it taller, and it can be seen from greater distances – giving the driver more time to react (eg. Safely turn, to visit your business).
  • Illuminate the sign at night, to advertise 24/7.

As you might guess, pole signs are signs at the top of a (preferably) tall pole.  Pylons are signs generally signs that are signs of neighboring businesses, stacked vertically.  Both have can have the added benefit as serving as navigational landmarks – which is great marketing.

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For best results, Signs ‘n Such always observes the rule of perpendicularity when placing pole and pylon signs.