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Pretty much every item we produce for you requires design of some sort.  In order to give you the best value approach, there are several ways of keeping extra costs to a minimum.  If you decide to either produce the artwork yourself or utilize another designer, here are some basic requirements to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Acceptable file types:

  • EPS or PDF files with fonts converted to outlines/curves. File should be in vector format where possible.
  • We can also accept bitmap formats such as JPG or TIF files, although this limits our ability to make adjustments to color or quality.
  • Artwork should be created actual size or at least to scale (Half or quarter size)
  • Photographs should be supplied at the highest resolution setting, especially if they are to be substantially enlarged.

We cannot normally accept:

  • Microsoft Publisher, Powerpoint, Word docs or other desktop publishing type files.
  • Poor resolution images captured from the web (note: this means pretty much all of them)

If you are not in a position to supply your own artwork, don’t worry – we can take care of that!  We will listen to your requirements, make suggestions and work with you to distill your idea into something workable. From there, we will produce the preliminary artwork for your approval – usually sending you a proof via email. At this point, changes and revisions can take place.   Following your final approval, the final artwork is produced and your order is put into production.

Artwork, set-up and design is charged at $20 per 15 minutes increment – many simple projects need no more than a quarter of an hour especially basic items, such as warning and parking lot type signs. Of course, more complex projects or projects requiring multiple revisions can take longer – we will always discuss the budget with you prior to you incurring larger fees.

If you re-order at a later date with no changes, you will not be charged again for the same artwork.

We are able to supply you with a DVD containing digital copies of your artwork in a variety of different file formats. This would be useful for your press advertising, brochures, etc., and would help keep your branding consistent.  The cost for this service is $100.

We can also supply copies of your artwork, if requested, to third-parties. Because of the time it takes to locate the files and respond to the request, there is a fee of $25 each time for this service.  You may want to consider the DVD option shown above – once you have it, you are able to send out as many copies or your artwork as you wish with no restriction or further cost.